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Prints and graphics designer Milou Neelen loves to combine all that meets the eye. Her signature feminine illustrations, patterns and graphics have been used throughout Love Stories Intimates and Scotch & Soda collections, featured in magazines incl. Vogue and ELLE magazine, exhibitions and bundled together with her latest brand and web shop Hotel Magique

Milou's diverse use of materials and techniques go hand-in-hand with her mash pot of inspirations: she loves to combine unexpected themes. What happens if you mix Warhol with traditional Nepalese patterns, wait and see.

After a series of exhibitions and freelance work, Milou gained graphic design experience during a three year commitment to renowned fashion brand Scotch & Soda, where she designed prints and patterns for many collections, as well as trims and marketing material. Since 2013, she has been working independently.

"I was once told I should not dream, that's why I make all my dreams come true. Creating every artwork by hand, I combine whatever meets my eye. 1970's Brooklyn street fashion, typography, beautiful coloured native jewelry or maybe the pattern in your street corner tiles can be the right inspiration at the right time.”

Portrait shot by the amazing Iris Dorine Westra